40 best free games you should play today

40 best free games you should play today

Computer games have flooded the world. Today in the market of computer games there are various alternatives – paid and free. In this guide, we will discuss the best free options.

How do games influence us?

In recent decades, a growing proportion of games have become computer games, in which people implement activities to control the various processes of the game space. There is no doubt about the impact of computer games on people’s behavior.

Computer games have become more important to many children and adolescents than communication with peers, and more interesting to many adults than television and books.

Game activity affects the formation of arbitrary mental processes. The conditions of the game require a focus on the content of the action and the plot, on the characters or objects included in the game situation. The game situation affects the thinking and psyche of the child, adolescent, and adult. The game promotes the development of reflection because in this process there is a real opportunity to control how any action that is part of the communication process. In a role-playing game, the ability to comprehend one’s own actions, to predict the reaction of other people is formed.

Those who like to use the computer only for entertainment, and those who want to temporarily distract from the work process, may need to find and download the best free games.

After all, this allows:

  • Do not spend money on the purchase of game applications, the cost of which may be relatively high for the domestic consumer;
  • Spend some time thinking only about solving the problems of the gameplay, not the current problems of ordinary life;
  • Launch games that do not require any special requirements for processor, memory, and video card. Free is able to work with the same resources as the operating system itself.

Thee kind of games

As a constructed world, any popular computer game has its physics and properties of space, artificial history and the passage of time, the original philosophy, ethics, and morality. The game allows the player to be active in the constructed world.

There are several options for classifying computer games. They are all conditional, as there are many games that combine elements of each category. One of the most common classification options is as follows:

  • action games, including RPGs;
  • adventure games, such as “quest”;
  • strategy games;
  • games that simulate transport;
  • virtual casino.

40 best free games

It seems paradoxical, but often free games bring their creators much more profit than big-budget titles sold for money. Due to their availability, such projects can boast of a much more impressive player base. So, here we have gathered the best options of free games:

  1. Call of Duty Mobile
  2. EA Sports games
  3. Genshin Impact
  4. Word Surf
  5. Death Rally
  6. Reckless Racing 3
  7. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  8. Need for Speed: No Limits
  9. Words of Wonders
  10. Paladins
  11. Brawl Stars
  12. Alto’s Odyssey
  13. Hearthstone
  14. Team Fortress 2
  15. Quake Champions
  16. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  17. CrossFire
  18. Roblox
  19. Super Mario Run
  20. Apex Legends
  21. Call of Duty: Warzone
  22. Destiny 2
  23. PlanetSide 2
  24. Darwin Project
  25. Hyper Scape
  26. Valorant
  27. Point Blank
  28. The Cycle
  29. Dauntless
  30. Fortnite Battle Royale
  31. Conqueror’s Blade
  32. Order of Battle: World War II
  33. SpellForce 3: Versus
  34. Dota 2
  35. League of Legends
  36. Heroes of the Storm
  37. Fallout Shelter
  38. RAID: Shadow Legends
  39. Lineage II
  40. Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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