Accounting Software and all the necessary add-ons.

Accounting Software and all the necessary add-ons.

With its financial statements, the company communicates with all interested parties in its activities: creditors, employees, shareholders and government bodies, among other things. Therefore, it goes without saying that the establishment of these relations occupies an increasingly important place in the proper functioning of our market economy and fits well into the correct application of “corporate governance” with the help of accounting software.

It is equally obvious that accountants and tax consultants are not immune from this problem, given the range of tasks assigned to them by law. The technical note attached to this publication lists a large number of quality criteria for accounting software, asset management software and, above all, the goal is to provide enterprises and their first consultants, accountants and tax consultants with a basis for assessment when choosing software. determined.

At the same time, it offers manufacturers of this software both invoice software and tax software the ability to compare their products with these criteria.

It goes without saying that the criteria that you will find in this note do not have a quality mark or seal attached, as the IEC is not the current certification body for accounting software. However, due to the critical importance of this issue, the IEC Council decided to make this note available to all its members and students. We believe that the quality criteria set forth in this note will be of additional value in two directions: assessment and consultation on this issue with our customers.

Choose your accounting software among the most used companies. The development of an accounting information system and the development of internal and external networks allow the exchange of information between business services and the environment. There are several specialized programs that meet specific needs for billing, payment, asset management, etc. Accounting software is financial accounting software. This allows you to create a company file with its initial configuration; updating the accounting database: entering records in a fog, then monitoring, checking and recording become final and automatically receive newspapers, books, weights, etc. This collection allows you to find out which one to choose for your business. Call us if you need advice.

Regardless of whether your accounts are kept in accounting or in your company, optimize the monitoring of receivables and manage your business, following your indicators. Accounting is easy to use.

ACCOUNTING IN THE HEART OF THE COMPANY. Use the excess tools to improve your accounting In accordance with the latest requirements of the law, the solution is characterized by numerous management functions: analytics, transfer, transfer, import-export in Excel, etc. Automatically manage customer reminders and supplier payments. Keep control of your accounting with data always at hand. Manually with your trustee. Depending on the degree of your participation in accounting, it gives you the opportunity to execute all or part of your encodings. Your accountant takes care of the most complex corrections and entries. The platform organizes the exchange of all accounting and unaccounted documents with your guardian (bills, vouchers, VAT declarations, balance, …). A true collaboration tool, it also offers you other services, such as a common registration center, a general schedule, targeted messages, proposal and payment management.

Thanks to an interactive reporting tool, he becomes an assistant, offering you his indicators through interactive panels. This new application, which provides a real overview of the status of your activity, allows you to instantly access the basics of your book values.

 At a time when almost all accounts are maintained using computer systems, it is important that stakeholders in accounting and financial information have assurances regarding the quality of accounting software. These programs are most often standard software packages that are used as such or are the subject of additional individual development.

Specially designed accounting software is becoming less common, but still in use. This document will not distinguish between these different types of systems. Software quality is a multifaceted concept. There are many product characteristics that affect its quality.